Software Is....!

Software is really all the software that you can think of and even more!

For example! Microsoft Windows,Works,Office,Real Player,Quicktime,Winamp........and on and on!!!!

There are different categories of Software!

Freeware for example happens to be the type of software that is, you guessed it FREE! Like CCLeaner, Defraggler, Mozilla Firefox, Skype....and on and on!

Shareware for example is not free! At least not permenantly free anyway!!! I am sure you've run into dozens of programs that are like 30 or 60 or even 90 days free trials! Those are mainly shareware!

Software Upgrades/Updates are another form of software but they are mainly made to be runned no more then once in order to Update a Particular program with all the latest fixes and/or features! Like For example Service Pack 1,2, 3 for Windows XP, Office XP!

V I R U S E S - I HATE THEM! WHO DOESN'T(except the inventors)? Viruses are also officially software! In Simple Words...A Virus is a type of software that is designed to confuse your computer to due things that you don't appriciate!

Firmware - Something that is stored inside the internal memory or the internal brain of a piece of hardware! For example when you format your computer everything is gone except one very important hidden program such as BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)! Plenty of Manufacturers release Firmware Upgrades all the time in order to fix any previous troubleshootings and/or to add new features to support new hardware like the latest SSD hard disks!  

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Anonymous said...

I didnt know there were various categories of software!

Should I upgrade my BIOS (firmware) if I wanna run certain games and if so how?