Second Hand Shopping for a Laptop/PC is a bad idea!!!

Second Hand Shopping for a Laptop/PC is a bad idea because first of all they have no warranty, second of all they are outdated, and third of all they are expensive(let me be more specific)!
They are so expensive that today when I was looking for an old laptop just because I want to use it for Testing purposes, I found that most of these places that sell used laptops charge it upto as high as $600 dollars even though its only a Pentium III Processor(1997 or 98 model computers) or even slower!
Why would I buy it from them if I can get a brand new one with I Core 5 or even I Core 7 with the price range between $670 - $900 with warranty!
The only reason why buying Computers from fency stores may seem expensive is because when you buy it from them they may want to charge you more by asking you if they can Install Windows, Office, Norton and/or etc... for you even though it might already be installed just not activated!
When the computer loads for the first time when you open it from the box it Starts with Factory Settings from the Manufacturer!
The common things it would ask for is Registration to your computer and it would imediately start offering trial version of verious programs!
They are abviosly easy to remove through the Add or Remove programs feature in Windows once the full Factory Restore installation is over!
When I bough my HP Pavillion I was imediately offered to buy Norton Antivirus and for them to Install Windows 7 for me! Little do they know I fix,build,and maintain computers for a living! 

Oh what the hack...? I even blog about them(Computers) to, so I certainly dont need their extra($$$$$) help!

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