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Schedule Disk Defragmentation to Optimize and Maintain pc/laptop performance!

You should Schedule Disk Defragmentation on your computer using Disk Defragmenter to work daily instead of weekly if you would like to optimize and maintain your PC/Laptop performance using Windows on HDD.

You can prevent your computer from freezing, slowing down, and/or crashing in long term! 

The Problem with Disk Defragmenter being scheduled to defragment your hard disk weekly by default is that most of the time it skips it almost every week for many months to come!

That's why the computer's performance and the hard disk's health status is almost never maintained, but when its scheduled to defragment daily it will defrag your hard disk at least twice a week during normal computer use, and the best part is that it will be unnoticeable when its doing it.

That way your files will stay in the right place on your hard drive instead of spreading around from one end of the hard drive to other or being broken down into dozens of pieces like a puzzle(one part of a file at one …