Radiation Exposure from your PC / Laptop can be prevented by...!

Radiation Exposure to you from your PC / Laptop can be prevented by over 99% with a new Nano Technolgy by Torsion TM.

Have you ever bumped into a situation where you know exectly what you are going to do on the computer today and you have it all planned out and filled with confidence. You are like "This job is going to be done in less then an hour" no matter what!

You work in the office for over 20 years on the desk, nothing can stop you!

No more then then 10 to 15 minutes later after sitting on the desk on your laptop/pc starting from 8 or 9 in the Morning in the office, and the fact that you had a great night sleep, out of nowhere all of a sudden you are beginning to feel....

  • more sleepy
  • more tired
  • more depressed
  • more stressed out
  • filled with headache
  • lost
  • confused  
  • unrested
  • start to forget little things
  • itchy eyes
  • things are less clear and etc..

You figure lets grab a cup of coffe then in no time start talking with your co workers how this is not your day, and when you return from break it feels even worse!

This is a sign of Exposure to Radiation according to an Academic, Veniamin D. Ivanov.

It has been scientificlly researched that that blood and the urine of a 10 year old child changes after 15 minutes of work on the computer and it even coincides with figures with cancer!

This and many other heath care ralated issues can supposedly be prevented with 5 Protective Chips.

Four of them should be attached to the monitor at all four angles if its a monitor with a webcam!

If its a monitor without webcam then you could attached them to the center of all four sides!

Now I am not a rocket scientist or a doctor but i have to admit that after I applied those protective chips to my laptops and desktops that I have for testing purposes, I feel a whole lot different and more clear minded than before!

And now I can drink my favorite tea instead of pushing my self with caffein to stay focused and awake!



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