Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool could be needed!

Is your computer acting funny, I mean does it run smooth all the time but out of nowhere it just freezes unexpectedly when ever it wants too!

You know that you have checked your computer for viruses and malware, you've optimized it as well through defragmentation and other optimizing tasks!

So What's the Problem?

Possible Answer...!

           You Could be facing some memory issues on your computer, One of your Memory sticks could be defective. Thats where a Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool comes in!

           Why not check and see for yourself by running a diagnostic memory test cause this option is included since Windows Vista, instead of paying someone else the big bucks $$$ to do it for you.

At the end of the diagnostic testing using this tool you can learn if you need to replace and/or purchase new memory for a familiar price that it would have cost for a technician to diagnose it for you!


Anonymous said...

Now I know why my computer was freezing! Thank you so Much!

Anonymous said...

No wonder my computer was crashing, I hard to replace some memory sticks!