Read & Write to exFAT file system on Linux

Let's Fix the Linux ERROR mounting an unknown file system type 'exfat'.

I've already shown how to install Microsoft's exFAT file system support on Linux before but now there is an easier, familiar and faster way to do it!

First thing you should do after logging into Linux is plug in the SD CARD, USB FLASH Card or additional Internal/External Hard Disk Storage that is formated into exFAT file system and then open the Terminal in Linux and type the following!

SUDO SU then press ENTER

Then it will ask for your User Password, type it out and press Enter!


After you press Enter a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement that Google has bought from Microsoft to use their exFAT file system on Google's Mobile Android Linux Operating System that can be used on mobile devices if you've enabled root access) for the free exFAT file system implementation project message will load up!

Once again you have to press ENTER to Continue or CTRL+C to Cancel.

Then after executing this command in the terminal and a few seconds later you should type
APT-GET UPDATE and press ENTER! This is to make sure that everything that is needed for this package to work is up to date!

And then at last the final command you should type in the terminal is APT-GET INSTALL FUSE-EXFAT press ENTER to finally install the support for exFAT on Linux!

It will ask you one more time if you would like to Continue? then Press Y as in Yes and press ENTER!

As of now after you exit the Terminal you should start enjoying the support of the exFAT file system on Linux!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, call me crazy but you are the only one right now who has a video on how to do this on Linux!

Now I know how to mount my exFAT formatted SD CARD since I love and use Linux allot more then Windows!

Anonymous said...

This is amazing and thanks alot, this is more short and easier then your first video.

Anonymous said...

You are good, seriously thank you....

Anonymous said...

this is Unbelievable, Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Very good!