Where is the Start Menu in Windows 8 ?

The Start Menu for Windows 8 is missing!

I have to admit that I miss the Classic Start Menu of Microsoft Windows cause I 've been using it countless number of times since Windows 95 that's long before Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista, 7.

I know that its been used in even earlier version like Windows NT 3.1 that's before Windows 95 but I was only 10 years old and what do I know about computer back then or even the general public since The Global Internet that connects us today wasn't even out yet!

The real question is how could Microsoft take something away that it has been very well mastered, easy to use that we don't even pay attention when we use it? We just click on it and use it without notice since its part of our everyday lives for over twenty/20 years!

I am afraid I don't have an answer to that! I mean sure today most people can do anything on their phones, tablets and mobile devices but if they like something old and classic why do they have to take it away in order to add something new!

I feel like the whole Windows 8 should have been called Windows Media Center OS because that's really what it looks like to me. Even though it has allot more features then Windows Media Center alone just the design of it is very Internet Interactive! I really find it over 60 percent related to Google Chrome Operating System.

Its really a great feature but why did it had to be made primary? I don't have any answers to it yet, but what I do know is that there is a certain way to bring it back.

If you want the Classic Start Menu back or at least something familiar to it I recommend installing Classic Shell.

This is a software feature that could help you get back to what you are used to and still use the latest Windows 8 features called METRO when ever you fell like it!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks allot for showing me how to make my new computer with Windows 8 as easy as it was with Windows 7!