Update Linux via Terminal

You know that keeping your operating system up to date is very important

You can update Ubuntu Linux via Terminal instead of just using the Update Manager.

I find it pretty convenient to update my system especially when I am already working in the terminal in advance and when I know that I have the time to check if my system is up to date.

just open the terminal if yours isn’t already running and inside it just type sudo su and press Enter to gain Root Access.

It will ask for your user password so just type it out and press enter.

Then in the terminal the directory should change from somethinbg like this


into something like that below which grants you root access!


then just type apt-get upgrade and press Enter.

It will describe how many updates are available and how much space it will require to complete and if you agree with the updates then press Y as in Yes and press Enter to begin updating your system!

Once it completes you can close the terminal and reboot or use the terminal to reboot like I show on my sudo su shutdown in Linux Terminal YouTube Video .

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