Enable USB Support in Virtualbox on Linux via Terminal

Linux is getting better and better everyday and I got to be honest with you I really am thinking of switching over to Linux completely! It will still take a bit of time for full acceptance of only Linux but until then I can always have Windows aside whenever I need it!

There are plenty of software that can run only on Windows and its crucial that I still have it, that's why I've installed it on Virtualbox but I also need to access files that I've saved on my USB from Picture Editing to Word Documents and so forth on my USB! 

Enabling USB Support to your Virtual Machine via Virtualbox is very important and its also necessary when its crucial times to open certain files on Windows and Windows related Programs! And its also convenient when you still want to install your USB connected printer as Well, even though Linux already covers most of them through generic drivers.

just open the Terminal and type sudo su and press Enter then it will ask for your password so type it out and press Enter.

Doing this will grant you root access and then you can give it the final command to enable USB support on Virtualbox in Linux.

The following should be entered in the Terminal usermod computers -a -G vboxusers and press Enter (computers was my username, what's your username on Linux that's the one you should use in this command!)!

Now all you have to do is restart the computer and enjoy the USB 2.0 support on your virtual machine operating system of your choice in Virtualbox.

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This was really a headache finding an answer on how to enable USB Support in Virtualbox on Linux, Thank you so much!