Private Browsing Chrome on Linux by Default

Google Chrome is an outstanding browser as the world knows it and it always comes built in with the latest Adobe Flash for all my favorite videos and online games, but I still hate that it doesn't offer the option to Private Browse (incognito mode) the web by default!

I really love Linux in stability, security and performance as well and now I can apply familiar options as I do in Windows if I want to setup Google Chrome to start in Incognito Mode(Private Browsing) by default especially since I am not a fan of Web Browsing Cookies, Temporary Internet Files and various forms of web browsing history!

This instructions apply to Ubuntu Linux and Debian Based Linux Distributions(Linux Mint, Debian, and etc..)

First you copy Google Chrome to the Desktop and then you right click the the Google Chrome program and select Properties!

This is where it gets little Tricky but Fairly easy when Properties opens up click inside the Command Line Bar then release the mouse button and press the right arrow key on keyboard to reach till the end of the text! This is not required but recommended to make sure you don't cut or delete anything inside the bar!

When you finally reach the end with the right arrow key press once with the space bar on keyboard and type --incognito then close properties! You are practically done because when you double click on the desktop like usual then Google Chrome should load in Incognito Mode as shown in this video!

But the video also shows you after that how to delete any past web browsing history in case you didn't know how.

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