Improve Linux Gaming and Creativity

Gaming on Linux has gained allot of recognition over the last 15 months since Steam for Linux was released in Mid February 2013.

This is practically a Dream Come true for dozens of Computer Builders, Linux Fans, Huge Gamers, Software Developers and etc..

The Linux Community has gained allot more recognition and recommendations from fans around the world. I sometimes help the Internet Community with Computer Tips on Yahoo Answers as well and I have to tell you that I am impressed with how many computer related questions are answered with Linux Related Answers.

Many things are certainly shifting to the Unix-Like Technology(Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Android Phones and Tablets, Apple Products, Smart Tv's and etc..) in today's World.

Linux has always been awesome but limited to software in a sense that most high demand software was written for Windows and/or MAC OS X.

Because One Important class of Software (GAMES) is beginning to be available for Linux many more software developers are coming in to expand Linux recognition through beta tests and experiments with new software creativity, Many More New Comers are willing to Learn Linux on how to use it and even kids, teenagers and/or young adults who are mostly into games.

If you are a gamer you can help Improve the Linux Gaming Community by downloading and installing the Steam Client on Linux and then even sign up for Beta Testing

Open and Sign in to the Steam Client then click View on the top left corner of the client then Settings then under the Account Tab you should see a section where it says Beta Participation.

Under Beta Participation the client will state whether you have signed up to participate or not. If you decide to sign up you just click on CHANGE and then select Steam Beta Update under Beta Participation.

Signing up for Beta Testing would allow you to test out many future games and applications before it becomes official! You'll always be up to date with the latest testings on Steam Applications!

There has even been some talks about having a Netflix App on Steam client in the near future but its NOT Official its all just Talk.

You have to remember that Beta is experimental and never stable, sometimes it works sometimes its doesn't but doing so will make you a participant in a fast growing Linux Community to improve Linux Gaming and Creativity.


Anonymous said...

DOTA 2 Runs Amazing on my old IBM ThinkPad I've just upgraded to 4GB Memory and and new hard disk disk using Ubuntu Studio 14.04.1

Anonymous said...

ну дожили, спасибо
теперь хоть можно стимить на линуксе