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How to Make your Internet Experience Faster with CCleaner !

Learning how to make your computer running Microsoft Windows OS faster with CCLeaner is very beneficial, important and easy!
Many people that have downloaded CCleaner don't seem to take the full advantage of it yet! For example most users would use it only manually instead of setting it up to run automatically during Windows Boot/Login.
Many users haven't yet discovered that they can even control how many programs load during windows boot. When people install many programs on their computer they also don't realize that a large percentage of those programs become startups that take a large percentage of your Randomly Accessed Memory(RAM, Memory) that slow down the computer!
You can control and/or reduce the list of Startup Programs to prevent too much memory usage. You can repair registry errors that could improve System Stability.
One of my Favorite things of the CCleaner program is that you can even customize it at what level it should clean the disk at!
I chose Secure D…