I Prefer exFAT over FAT32 or even NTFS

I Prefer exFAT over FAT32 or even NTFS simply because it works absolutely amazingly fast!

And I am talking about real fast here! You have to understand that when I partitioned my hard drive into three primary partitions, I formatted the other two partitions using the new exFAT file system and the data on those drives can be read and written to the hard disk in a very flying fast speed!

So far only my C:\ drive is formatted into NTFS since that's what windows XP requires to be installed on! But the other two partitions D:\ drive for downloading and E:\ drive for installations is formatted into exFAT and the downloading progress has tripled fast when I download to D:\ drive and the running programs progress has also skyrocketed fast when I run them from E:\ drive !

I tested this on my old computer and the hard drive doesn't really get fragmented quickly anymore! And it doesn't even overheat anymore as it used to, cause in the old days the hard drive would over heat and then my computer would turn off quickly! And I would have to wait until the next day so that it can cool down for me to try to turn it back on again!

Now thanks to exFAT I could use my old computer for over 4 hours a day and it still wouldn't heat up too quickly to turn off unexpectedly !

exFAT is the latest and I consider it the best and fastest!


Ka said...

if your NTFS or Fat 32 hard disk is corrupted, there are software to recover the data. If you are using ExFat, how do you recover it if it is corrupted?

Computers Guide said...

For anybody who is Curious if its possible to recover files from exFAT file system partition it's now possible by using a free software program like RECUVA from http://www.Recuva.com