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Boot Repair is Critical to have for Emergency

Boot Repair is a critical tool to have for emergency if you cant happen to boot your computer properly!

It is so helpful that even if you don't have Linux but just Windows and it doesn't boot for some reason it could still help you fix your boot problems!

This boot repair tool can be obtained in more ways then one!

The First option is to Download it, Burn it to a Disk and store it in a safe location in case of emergency to troubleshoot your computer!

The second option if you happen to have Linux Installed is to to install this utility to the Linux Operating System using the following commands in the Linux Terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair
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Overclocking the Hard Disk, specifically Windows Partition!

Making Windows run Faster on an Old Fashion Mechanically Spinning Hard DISK(SATA,IDE type) can be accomplished by Overclocking the Hard Disk specifically in Windows Partition only!

Microsoft Windows NT based is normally installed on NTFS partition with a default cluster size of 4K(4096 bytes) the good side of it is that it simply doesn't get too full too fast, but the weaker side of it is that it becomes too slow and fragmented in a very small amount of time!

Too small not just because its running on a small cluster size (4k) partition but because it even compresses files smaller then they are when you don't access them frequently and then when you want to access them for the first time in a long time sometimes they become corrupted, broken, inaccessible, fragmented and unrecoverable!

Overclocking the Hard Disk, Specifically Windows Partition can be very logical and easily applied! As I have shown in One of my YouTube Videos how to install Windows on High Cluster Size Partiti…

Linux Mint isn't Hacked!

I Still Can't Believe that Linux Mint Website and their Image has been modified online! What disturbs me even more is that its been done Through a Bulgarian Server!

I am not sure if I am supposed to be impressed or disappointed!
I am proud to be Bulgarian from a nation filled with history and human occupation from over 1.4 million years ago. 
I hope all Linux Distros Learn to  have a secure website when they provide Open Source Linux!
As far as I am concerned Linux Mint isn't Hacked because it's simply their website and their software image online so anyone who has downloaded and installed Linux Mint on February 20th, 2016 from their site might have been compromised with bad image!
The Message I am Reading is "If you Can't Hack it, Modify it!" cause Linux is awesome!
Anyone who has downloaded and/or installed Linux Mint prior to that date should be OK! I've installed my Linux Mint over a Year ago and its perfectly fine and fast and yes EVEN SECURE!

Install Tor Browser on Linux!

Tor Browser is assigned to help you browse the INTERNET more anonymously without being traced, target marketed and/or followed based on your hobbies and interests on-line.

There is a lot of controversy whether its right or wrong to use it online because if someone with bad hobbies uses it such as hacking, visiting inappropriate content on line and or etc.. it can be a bad thing for society.

But if you are a general INTERNET user who simply hates websites tracing your hobbies with third party cookies, advertisements, pop ups and etc.. and hate being restricted from websites that are only allowed to be visit within a region or country and want to be able to visit over 99 percent of all websites around the world then you should give the Tor Browser a Try!

It's like a specifically custom designed Firefox browser that connects to dozens of other computers(networks around the world) that would help you connect to sites that you normally wouldn't be able to visit. so when those compu…

UEFI Boot could become the new Default Boot for Future Computers

UEFI Boot could become the new Default Boot for Future Computers without support for Legasy OS, and if you are intersted in trying other Operating Systems(Windows 7, Vista, STEAM OS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc..) on your computer you might not be able to!

Many Computer Users around the world have learned to experiment their computers with various operating systems, Sometimes even an Operating System like Windows Vista can work better then Windows 7 on a particalar computer model.

Not All computers are the same that's why its important to have the option to try a different OS to see which OS performs best.

Next Time you purchase a brand New Computer make sure you ask the sales person if the computer supports Legasy OS, cause if it doesnt you might not even be able to try a newer operating system then the one it comes with either not just older once!

It will also help you find out if the sales person knows what you are talking about or are they just in for the money!

If UEFI(Unified E…

How to make your Old computer run like New!

You probably have a 5-8 year old computer and its getting older and slower and you are probably thinking of getting a new computer but money is a bit tide right now for a big purchase!

You have possibly upgraded your RAM before and it still doesn't seems to show you any sign of progress.

Maybe even worse and you have upgraded to Over 4GB Memory and realized that you cant really enjoy the benefits out of it because your system can only support 32bit operating system not 64bit and it cant read or use over 3GB memory.

You have installed CCleaner to keep it always clean from junk, bad cookies and web history etc.., you have installed Malwarebytes to keep it secure from most malware, spyware, adware, and/or viruses, you have scheduled Disk Defragmenter to keep the hard disk maintained even after you recently purchased a new hard disk to replace your old one! You've also used CCLeaner or MSCONFIG to disable useless start-up programs that take too much of your RAM on the Computer th…

enable exFAT file system support on Linux Mint

There is a New Update on how to enable exFAT file system on Linux (Mint).

There has been several ways of enabling exFAT file system over the years and now I have just found a third way to do it., and the most fastest and easiest of all as well!

Just open the Terminal and type the following command

sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse 

Then press Enter, this should install the support for the exFAT file system and then type Exit to close and exit the terminal!

it doesn't get any faster or simpler then this!