No Operating System Found error!

You could run into the No Operating System Found Error simply because you either left blank floppy disk(Who uses those today anyways?) in the drive, You literally haven't installed any Operating System(Win2000, XP, VISTA, Win7) yet or little more complex because one of the following required system files is missing!

Such as....!
  • BOOTMGR (available in Vista, Windows 7)
  • BCD - Boot Configuration Database (available in Vista, Windows 7)
  • WINLOAD.EXE (available in Vista, Windows 7)

If one of the above files is missing its a good idea to reinstall Windows! Reinstalling Windows doesn't necessarily mean that you have to format the drive again. But simply reinstall Windows Again without formatting and still keep all your current files inside so that after you reinstall Windows you can Finally backup everything Important such as Pictures,Music,Videos...and anything else that you might find important before you decide to do a FULL Clean RE INSTALLATION AND RECONFIGURATION OF WINDOWS!

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