F1 Key can be very Helpful !

F1 Key on the keyboard can be very helpful because believe it or not that's what its designed to do on most (Most but Not All) programs!

If you are currently using Internet Explorer why not press F1 on the keyboard and see what happens.

I wont be surprised if a Help feature loads up!

I'll pretend you've opened Microsoft Word and maybe you are a new learner who needs help on how to use it, press F1 while you are running Word and a Help feature will load up!

Have you downloaded Real Player but don't know how to take advantage of it, just open the player and while using it press F1 and it will take you to the Real Player Help website.

If you run Windows and all the programs are currently closed and you want to learn how to use Windows press F1 and Windows Help and Support will load up.

Not all but plenty of computer programs around the world are designed to load up their help feature when you press F1 while you are running the software of your choice!

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