How to Make a Computer?

Alot of people are always wondering on "How to Make a Computer?"!

I don't blame you I was just as excited when I first started! Its really not as difficult as you may think!

A computer consists of the following computer key items!

  • Motherboard (is the main device that helps connect and control all the rest of the devices listed below to make it a computer) 
  • Processor (A type of processor that will match the socket type of the motherboard example Intel Core i3, i5, i7, AMD)
  • RAM (DRAM, SD RAM, DD RAM and etc... you wanna match the RAM type to whatever type the motherboard accepts)
  • Hard Disk (used to store data of whatever type you like, the first primary data would normally be the Operating System)
  • Operating System (Purchase Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or download free Linux, Ubuntu and etc...)
  • CD/DVD ROM (to read/write CDs/DVDs)
  • Sound Card (to be able to listen to sound via music,videos, games and etc...sometimes built into the motherboard)
  • Video Card (mostly build into the motherboard but you can buy more advanced and add it to the motherboard if you like to Play High Quality Games, DVDs, Blue Rays and etc...)
  • Power Supply (the device that will provide power to turn the computer on and use it)
  • Computer Case (A computer case is mainly the case that contains all of the parts of a computer except the display monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Most of these computer parts require cabling but when you purchase them they come with the cabling parts to connect it to the motherboard.
I know it sounds scary but seriously its not! My very best advice would be to go to a store and buy your self an old computer just for learning purposes!

So that when you open up the computer you will be able to look at it inside and compare the device to the picture links that I've posted above and try to pay attention to see how they are connected!

And then go out there and buy brand new parts to build it yourself!

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