Private Browsing on the Web!

Private browsing on the internet can be very important and helpful especially if you have to pay some bills online and your own computer currently isn't working.

You might need to ask somebody if you could borrow their computer for five minutes to do some secure transactions online because its urgent and the deadline is closing in but how can you feel safe that nothing important will be stored on the computer!

I recommend Private browsing because when you finish browsing the web in this mode and close the browser nothing will be remembered and/or stored on the computer of all the websites, and/or transactions you've completed! No password, usernames, account numbers, addresses, website cookies and etc.., it will all be deleted when you close the browser!

Private Browsing is done differently in different browsers!

Google Chrome starts private browsing with an uncommon term incognito which means having one's identity hidden with an assumed name to avoid attention and/or recognition, especially online like the internet nowadays! As you open the Google Chrome browser just press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard and the browser should start in Private Mode(Incognito)

Firefox is just as easy cause when you open the browser the only difference is that you should press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+P in order to browse the web privately with Firefox. What's even funnier is if you press these set of keys in chrome the print menu might show up, but that's too much detail cause we are only talking about private browsing!

Internet Explorer and Firefox have been around for quite sometime maybe there's a reason they share command at least in private browsing anyways! with Internet explorer you probably already guessed but just in case make sure you press CTRL+SHIFT+P if you like to browse the web privately!

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