Factory Restore your Computer

In order to restore your computer to factory settings you need to know what brand your computer is and what current operating system you are using!

Hopefully the computer that you're trying to restore happens to be Vista or Newer from the manufacturer not from the one that you have manually formatted/installed from CD/DVD. 

Because in earlier versions not all computers had hidden recovery partitions(drives).

You can use this steps to do it yourself instead of paying someone the big bucks to do it for you! 

Below is the list of Computer Brands and each one uses different keys for factory restore. This keys are normally applied the moment you turn the computer ON long before you log on to Microsoft Windows! 

The moment you start hearing loud beeping noise you can release the buttons 

  • Toshiba - Press and hold 0 or F12
  • HP - Press and hold F11
  • Compaq - Press and hold F11
  • Acer - Press and hold ALT + F10
  • Asus - Press and hold ALT + F10
  • Sony - Press and hold ALT + F10
  • MSi - Press and hold F3


Anonymous said...

This is outstanding, and I just made my Toshiba laptop run like new, thanks ALOT....

thomas lawton said...

I have tried to do this but it did not get a noise, goes to repair computer then nothing but blank screen and arrow.could you help not got big bucks infact no bucks but do need laptop to find work.

Computers Guide said...

To Thomas Lawton,

Some of the latest computers dont make this noise anymore and if you press repair computer and nothing loads then try to remove one of the memory sticks on the computer and try again!

If it still doesn't work then its high possibility that the hard disk is damaged and needs replacement, or its very fragmented and requires full manual re-installation with full format on your computer! And then Windows Activation with genuine product key sticker on your computer aside if desktop or bottom if laptop!

Anonymous said...

I just factory restored my Compaq Presario computer by pressing F11 after reboot before it attempted to boot windows and now it runs like new! Thank you so much you, saved me money and I learned something new.