About Me

Dear Visitors,

My name is Ivan Totchev and over the years I've learned plenty of things about computers, from formatting a hard drive to re-installing Windows, Linux, and Mac to removing and preventing viruses, to building, repairing,diagnosing computers all the way to recovering lost and formatted data!

I've unintentionally learned to be Very Passionate about Computers, since I've dealt with too many computer problems of my own, by paying others too much money to fix it for me way too many times, only to find it without improvements to prevent future problems, and in matter of months go back and pay again for a new repair!

I one day decided to get even and see what the big deal is about computers! I've learned so much that some people call me an expert even though there so many computer related tasks that are not as hard as you might think!

When I learn something new about Computers under various categories of use, I tend to share it online. Its why I decided to write this website!

You have to remember that this website is simply loaded with dozens of Computer Tips under various categories of use based on my personal opinion from all the various things that I've experienced and learned about computers!

I always really appreciate learning something new from my commenters on my website and YouTube videos!

So enjoy it freely and share a computer knowledge or opinion of yours if you have one!