enable exFAT file system support on Linux Mint

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There is a New Update on how to enable exFAT file system on Linux (Mint).

There has been several ways of enabling exFAT file system over the years and now I have just found a third way to do it., and the most fastest and easiest of all as well!

Just open the Terminal and type the following command

sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse 

Then press Enter, this should install the support for the exFAT file system and then type Exit to close and exit the terminal!

it doesn't get any faster or simpler then this!

Improve Linux Gaming and Creativity

Gaming on Linux has gained allot of recognition over the last 15 months since Steam for Linux was released in Mid February 2013.

This is practically a Dream Come true for dozens of Computer Builders, Linux Fans, Huge Gamers, Software Developers and etc..

The Linux Community has gained allot more recognition and recommendations from fans around the world. I sometimes help the Internet Community with Computer Tips on Yahoo Answers as well and I have to tell you that I am impressed with how many computer related questions are answered with Linux Related Answers.

Many things are certainly shifting to the Unix-Like Technology(Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Android Phones and Tablets, Apple Products, Smart Tv's and etc..) in today's World.

Linux has always been awesome but limited to software in a sense that most high demand software was written for Windows and/or MAC OS X.

Because One Important class of Software (GAMES) is beginning to be available for Linux many more software developers are coming in to expand Linux recognition through beta tests and experiments with new software creativity, Many More New Comers are willing to Learn Linux on how to use it and even kids, teenagers and/or young adults who are mostly into games.

If you are a gamer you can help Improve the Linux Gaming Community by downloading and installing the Steam Client on Linux and then even sign up for Beta Testing

Open and Sign in to the Steam Client then click View on the top left corner of the client then Settings then under the Account Tab you should see a section where it says Beta Participation.

Under Beta Participation the client will state whether you have signed up to participate or not. If you decide to sign up you just click on CHANGE and then select Steam Beta Update under Beta Participation.

Signing up for Beta Testing would allow you to test out many future games and applications before it becomes official! You'll always be up to date with the latest testings on Steam Applications!

There has even been some talks about having a Netflix App on Steam client in the near future but its NOT Official its all just Talk.

You have to remember that Beta is experimental and never stable, sometimes it works sometimes its doesn't but doing so will make you a participant in a fast growing Linux Community to improve Linux Gaming and Creativity.

Creating Multiple YouTube Channels under one Email or Username is easy!

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So you are a big YouTuber and you might already have a YouTube channel but now you want to create another channel for a different subject but under the same login with same urername and password.

Just visit YouTube Channel Switcher and create a new channel beside the one that you alredy have if you wish.

I for example am being very impressed with gaming improvements and options on Linux that I decided to create a new channel specificly for Gaming on Linux!

How to Make your Internet Experience Faster with CCleaner !

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Learning how to make your computer running Microsoft Windows OS faster with CCLeaner is very beneficial, important and easy!

Many people that have downloaded CCleaner don't seem to take the full advantage of it yet! For example most users would use it only manually instead of setting it up to run automatically during Windows Boot/Login.

Many users haven't yet discovered that they can even control how many programs load during windows boot. When people install many programs on their computer they also don't realize that a large percentage of those programs become startups that take a large percentage of your Randomly Accessed Memory(RAM, Memory) that slow down the computer!

You can control and/or reduce the list of Startup Programs to prevent too much memory usage. You can repair registry errors that could improve System Stability.

One of my Favorite things of the CCleaner program is that you can even customize it at what level it should clean the disk at!

I chose Secure Deletion with Very Complex Overwrite (35 Passes)! What this means is that when it deletes the temporary unimportant files from the computer even an advanced tool the can recover deleted files like RECUVA couldn't recover it!

There is a very strong advantage to that because I have noticed a tremendous speed increase in web browsing experience using this settings.

The Reason why the internet loads faster with this settings is because when it cleans the previous web history, cookies and etc.. with 35 passes it's almost like you have formatted this particular portion of the hard disk 35 times and every website and video that I visit loads super-fast as if it is already stored on the computer!

In this Video Below I am going to show you how I would recommend setting up and using CCleaner, but some users might not like it because this settings could impact remembering your website logins to various websites, and you might always have to manually log in!

But there is an advantage to that too..! It helps keep your mind sharp by memorizing all your various logins to various websites and it keeps you and your computer more secure!

And Last but not Least most of the things that I've mentioned above could be setup to run automatically at every login on Windows automatically!


This instructions apply after you've installed CCleaner

1. Open CCLeaner

2. Click Analyze to see how much space there is available to clean up from the hard disk!

3. Click Run Cleaner (if you still have any web browser open CCleaner will ask if you want it to close the browser for you to delete the history of this web browser as well) I recommend you press Yes. Also select the the checkbox to not show you this message again.

CCleaner will also warn you that it will permanently delete this files from the system so press Yes to agree and one more time another check box not to show you this new message as well again and press OK.

4. Then go to Options Tab after you have cleaned the computer for the first time with CCleaner then select Settings then check mark Run CCleaner when the computer starts.

5. Under Secure Deletion select "Secure File Deletion (slower)" then right under it select "Very Complex Overwrite (35 Passes)" Please Note that it says "slower" but its slow really only the first time unless your hard disk has been overused over the years!

6. Then Click "Advanced" Tab select "Close Program after Cleaning"

7. Then Select "Cleaner" then press "Analyze"

8. After you press Analyze it should show you that there isnt too much space to clean anymore after you've already cleaned it successfully for the first time from step 3 if you've followed it

9. Press "Run Cleaner" because this will be the first time using it with the new settings you just made and CCleaner should close automatically. This could take some time to clean up several megabytes or gigabytes for the first time so please be patient if you skipped step 3

10. After all the Cleanup is done the CCLeaner should have closed automatically and you should now restart the computer and see if it loads automatically at the bottom right corner at start up as it should to clean the hard disk from unimportant files at every boot time from now on!

Private Browsing Chrome on Linux by Default

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Google Chrome is an outstanding browser as the world knows it and it always comes built in with the latest Adobe Flash for all my favorite videos and online games, but I still hate that it doesn't offer the option to Private Browse (incognito mode) the web by default!

I really love Linux in stability, security and performance as well and now I can apply familiar options as I do in Windows if I want to setup Google Chrome to start in Incognito Mode(Private Browsing) by default especially since I am not a fan of Web Browsing Cookies, Temporary Internet Files and various forms of web browsing history!

This instructions apply to Ubuntu Linux and Debian Based Linux Distributions(Linux Mint, Debian, and etc..)

First you copy Google Chrome to the Desktop and then you right click the the Google Chrome program and select Properties!

This is where it gets little Tricky but Fairly easy when Properties opens up click inside the Command Line Bar then release the mouse button and press the right arrow key on keyboard to reach till the end of the text! This is not required but recommended to make sure you don't cut or delete anything inside the bar!

When you finally reach the end with the right arrow key press once with the space bar on keyboard and type --incognito then close properties! You are practically done because when you double click on the desktop like usual then Google Chrome should load in Incognito Mode as shown in this video!

But the video also shows you after that how to delete any past web browsing history in case you didn't know how.

Is Netflix-Desktop not launching after installation on Linux?

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You've probably already installed Netflix Desktop on Linux to be able to stream Netflix on Windows Version of Firefox with Microsoft Silverlight plugin using Wine on LINUX!

If you haven't then here's your chance, open the terminal and install Netflix using this commands!

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install netflix-desktop

But the topic of today is mainly about if you can't open it after you've installed it successfully using the commands mentioned above!

Then Open the Terminal Again and type

rm -Rf ~/.wine-browser

then PRESS Enter

Then Try to load Netflix-Desktop again and enjoy Netflix on Linux using Wine