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Format as exFAT file system!

Formatting a drive (a partition) into the latest exFAT file system can be little tricky but its really quite easy at the same time!

Even though Microsoft has enabled the new latest exFAT file system in Windows Vista it hasn't enabled it yet to be in the FORMAT Menu as a choice of a file system you like to format it in!

That means we'll have to be little techy using Command Prompt (a.k.a. DOS)

So after you decided what drive you like to format into the latest exFAT file system then I recommend that you go to "Computer" folder to verify the drive letter(D:\, E:\, F:\ or etc...), because if you format the wrong drive you might lose valuable data! Keep the "Computer" folder open it might become Handy Later

in my case it was drive letter E:\ so lets pretend that yours is E:\ as well for now!

1. Click the Start Button(Windows Logo) and type in the empty search box CMD

2. When Windows finds CMD right click over it with the mouse and select "Run as Administra…