Keep the Processor at a Low Temperature!

If the proccesor isn't kept down at a cool temeprature, then really you won't be able to process things as fast as you like, on top of that you might not be able to proccess anything at all cause the processor might burn out and crash!

So it has to be kept down at a cool temperature especially whent its processing dozens of tasks at once.

There are Different types of Colling Devices then the just the regular Heat Sink or CPU FAN!

  • Liquid Cooling for example happens to be a cooling liquid throught the computer by using small hoses! The only main good think about it is the reduced noise, but it has gone trough deep problems sush as leaking! You can honestly say that safety is a concern!

  • Temperature Sensors - many processors have a built in thermal sensor that allows the processor to notice if its overheating or not! And if it is overheating then it will shut it self down untill the temperature drops back to normal!

  • Thermal Compound - well it's mainly a source of liquid that is located between the processor and the heat sink to pull the heat away from the processor and send it through the heat sink!  

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