How to partition a hard drive!

Creating a partion is a very important critical step to optimizing your computer!

Many computers that I have fixed over the years I have found over sixty five pervent of them to be installed with only one famously known partition drive C:\

Having only one partition on the hard disk is a hassle for long term because sooner or later when you try to complete a simple task on the computer as simple as loading a video clip online it could take forever, freeze, or worse experience the blue screen of death on Windows!

The cause of this is becuase of several reasons but this one plays a major role!

Imagine you have dozens of physical files and folders you open the cabinet and you only want one particular document how are you going to find that one document if you haven't organized them and devided them in several categories(partitions)!

I reccomend the following configurarion for partitioning on a hard disk! I will Assume that you are using a One Terabyte Hard Disk since its very common today!

25% = 250 Gygabytes for Windows and Software on C:\ Drive
35% = 350 Gygabytes for Downloads on D:\ Drive
45% = 450 Gygabytes for Everything else including Backup on E:\ Drive

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thanks for you help, this was really helpful and super easy to understand.