Well technology is only getting better and faster!

Next Time you go to buy a laptop, see if the store for example offers a computer with 6GB RAM with 1 Terabyte hard Drive for a low price!

In order to Prevent Computer Problems, Check if there's a catch!

Ask them if the hard drive is an HDD type or an SSD Type! Because based on research SSD IS BETTER AND FASTER AND EVEN ALOT LESS DAMAGING TO THE HARD DRIVE!

That explains why in 2001 when I did a little experiment with my 4 GB flash card Windows Worked and booted allot faster even though this type of memory card isn't designed for that type of use!

What I did was backup my Windows 2000 Professional with a Norton Ghost image and then restore that image to the small 4 GB USB DRIVE! I made changes to BIOS to boot from USB FIRST then HARD DRIVE SECOND and so forth! And then When I restarted the computer IT WORKED EXTREMELY FAST!

To make sure it really booted from the USB I took my 4GB Flash card to a friend’s house and he had the exact same model computer but he was still using Windows 98 SE! I once again made changes to his BIOS setting in order to boot from USB first and OH my god I was really running Windows 2000 Professional!

And it just worked extremely fast that I even managed to format his real hard drive from within windows since it was running from the USB Drive!

Of course my 4GB Flash Card got damaged after 4 days of this type of use since the card isn’t designed for that type of use! But the message here is that because it's no longer an OLD FASHION HARD DRIVE WITH A SPINNING CD INSIDE IT’S GUARANTEED TO WORK FASTER AND BETTER WITH SSD



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