Computer Beeping Codes

Well I am just going to give a brief description of them and whichever one you hear the most you'll know what that means!

  • One Short Beep - As far as I am concerned everything is fine and working according to plan
  • Two Short Beeps - It will most likely write an error with an ERROR code and you should write it down so you can search about it on the web to see how to solve it!
  • NO Beep - You probably wish that was a good news but unfortunately it could mean either a System Board or a Power Supply problems!
  • Continuous Beeping - Could be the most difficult to describe because it has over 3 possibilities such as Keyboard, System Board, or a Power Supply problem!
  • Short Repeated Beeps - means two choices either System Board or Power Supply problem!
  • One Long and One Short beep - It's mainly a System Board Problem
  • One Long and Two Short Beeps - It's a Display Adapter problem(CGA,MDA)
Maybe is just me but Don't you find it annoying that over 4 different beep types could be referring to one main problem System Board Problem

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