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Showing posts from January 18, 2012

Please Save the Internet!

If you love the internet like I Do with unlimited category of information then please do not Hesitate to SAVE THE INTERNET(Net Neutrality)!!!

To all Internet Freedom Supporters out there try to raise awareness of SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA(Protect IP Act).

Without the world wide web we wouldn't have been as connected, advance and as educated as we are today.
We (billions of internet users around the globe) can take action whenever we need to on whatever topic around the world concerns us in matter of minutes compare to months and/or years like before.

We have to Appreciate the immortal freedom of unlimited knowledge, information and connection. We can communicate with families instantly for example via Skype for unlimited amount of time with Video and Audio!

We can self educate ourselves on-line whenever we want with dozens of resources such as Wikipedia and  so much more...!

We can send documents, faxes, fill up applications, find jobs, create yourself a job,learn to …