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How to Defragment your Hard Disk using Command Prompt

The defrag Command Prompt is a very powerful COMMAND tool that will help you make your computer faster because it will make your files, folders more organized as they should be just like in the real office!

The main idea behind it is to move the files in the right place on the hard drive which will Increase Speed and Performance in the computer!

Have you ever run into situation that you are trying to copy a large file to the hard disc and you are certain that you have enough free space!

Suppose that the file that you are trying to copy happens to be at least 700MB Family Picnic Movie File or a 2 GB Symantec Ghost Image! And your computer says that you have over 8GB of FREE SPACE LEFT so you decide to right click on the file that you want to copy and paste it at the drive! But Unexpectedly out of Nowhere you happen to get an error of some kind and it cant Finnish copying because you don't have enough space!


You see whenever you try to c…