Best Linux Games are Waiting for You!

This is it Ladies and Gentleman, its History in the Making! Top Linux Games are Waiting for You!

For over Two Decades we have been depending on Two Primary Operating Systems MAC OS and Microsoft Windows!

We(the Whole World) were mainly limited to what we can do or use on our custom build computers and/or famous computer brands that you buy from local stores featuring these Two History Making Platforms that connected us all!

They Had & Still Have One Incredible Advantage They support over 99.9% of all software around the world!

There was always one hiddenly famous type of Operating System called Linux (Android OS on Phones and Tablets, PlayStation OS, Smart TVs, Wii, Blackberry,Apple and many more Unix-Like platforms but they are private)!

It so hidden that many websites and statistics still claim that no more then 1% percent of the world is using Linux! But what they were really referring to is the Open Source type of Linux (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora and so much more)!

The primary difference between Open Source Linux and Private Linux is that on Open Source you can do what you like on the Operating System and even modify the whole system if you know how and have the skills and passion to do so(computer programmers, c++ certified, java and so much more) and submit it to the world if you like!

But Private is what it is and you have to use it how its build,written, and finalized! Most Private Operating Systems are based on skills, knowledge, passions, experiments used on Open Source Linux to make it stable and Final for Private Source!

There is so many software tools to use on Linux like GIMP for free instead of expensive Adobe Photoshop and many more different types of software and tools that can keep up with Windows and Mac OS.

But for all Gamers around the World we had to use Famous Game Consoles(XBOX, PlayStation,Wii, Sega,Nintendo and etc.. over the years) or this two honorable OSs Windows, MAC OS on our computers!

Are you prepared for this Historical Change? I still get the goosebumps!

STEAM from Valve Corporation has released Top Quality Games for Linux such as Counter Strike and Half Life, Europa Universalis IV and so much more!!!

There are still so many games that are not available for Linux but do you have any idea how fast this is growing that I would rather save over $300 on Windows Licence, $80 on Security Software,$100 for virus removal, $150 for computer repair x 10 over the next few years($1500)!

The list of useless expenses is Endless well guess what so are the great Possibilities on Linux!

Thank you Steam, Valve Corporation and endless Game Designing Companies and Industries around the globe! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

And let the GAMES BEGIN..........!

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Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this my whole teenage life, but now I can finally push my kids to be more Linux oriented for school work and still play top games at the same time!