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How to make your Old computer run like New!

You probably have a 5-8 year old computer and its getting older and slower and you are probably thinking of getting a new computer but money is a bit tide right now for a big purchase!

You have possibly upgraded your RAM before and it still doesn't seems to show you any sign of progress.

Maybe even worse and you have upgraded to Over 4GB Memory and realized that you cant really enjoy the benefits out of it because your system can only support 32bit operating system not 64bit and it cant read or use over 3GB memory.

You have installed CCleaner to keep it always clean from junk, bad cookies and web history etc.., you have installed Malwarebytes to keep it secure from most malware, spyware, adware, and/or viruses, you have scheduled Disk Defragmenter to keep the hard disk maintained even after you recently purchased a new hard disk to replace your old one! You've also used CCLeaner or MSCONFIG to disable useless start-up programs that take too much of your RAM on the Computer that slows it down a lot!

You have taken every step and precaution possible to keep it running like new and in matter of months if not weeks its supper slow all over again!


Technology is so fast today that unless most of your computer components are up to date nothing will keep up!

Have you ever asked yourself a question such as..?Why is my smartphone faster then my computer? My computer has a better advanced processor, more memory, larger hard disk space but you can check your email, play a video on YouTube and make a phone call by the time your laptop or desktop computer fully boots!

Most Computers even with the latest processors and computer components still continue to come with old fashioned mechanical spinning hard disks. This Old Fashioned Hard Disks(HDD) Have Made a lot of History over the Years since the computing revolution began but their time has come where they are slower then the tasks required to do what you need on a regular basis.

You Need to replace your old technology HDD(Hard Disk) with the latest SSD(Solid State Drive)! If your Old Computer supports SATA type of Hard Disk then you are in luck to try a Solid State Disk on your computer today. Solid State Disks have actually been around for quite some time but only recently began to be more affordable then ever before. Less then 2 Years Ago an SSD Drive with a size of 128GB-256GB would cost from $500 to $1000 that's practically more then a whole new computer alone that's why the manufacturers have never begun to include them in their computers when they build them! But Today you can get a 256GB-512GB between $150 to $250 US dollars!

Look around at different electronic stores to where you live, compare their prices and decide to get one that you can most afford and make your old computer run like never before. Make it Even Faster then When it was Brand New since your computer never came with SSD even in day one of is existence before it was used and turned on for the first time!

In case you are wondering why I used smartphone as an example earlier its because they are computers that are super fast because they are computers that don't depend on old fashioned mechanical spinning hard disks, other wise how can people rotate their phones on a table when they are bored, or play games rotating and tapping their phones and tablets with their hands and fingers left, right and center, you cant do that with a mechanically Old Fashioned Spinning Hard Disk. All phones would crash daily on regular basis and will need to be changed hourly not daily which is obviously unrealistically foolish to even consider!

HDD is the PAST, SSD is the PRESENT


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